Articles by Anne Vawter

Anne is a bit of a gypsy. She, her husband and two daughters live full time on their sail boat SV Banyan and are circumnavigating. That is, when she is not working as a Consulting Winemaker for several clients in Napa Valley and Canada. Currently they are on a 10 month contract, living in Canada working on a vineyard and winery kickstart project. Anne is also an avid horsewoman. You can find more about their nomadic ways at their blog


Ultimate Guide to Exploring Napa Valley with Kids

“Napa Valley is Disneyland for adults.” —Unknown If you’re heading to Napa Valley, with all of its beautiful scenery and fabulous hotels, food, and wine, you may worry about bringing your 3-year-old. Don’t fret. You can make a trip to the most celebrated wine region in the Americas fun for you and your kids. I’m…

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