7 Best Chicago Sweet Treats

Let’s face it, no visit to Chicago is complete without stopping for a few tasty treats to make your day a little bit sweeter. Friends who visit me in Chicago are always looking for unique places to stop and satisfy a sweet tooth while exploring the city. Click Here to read – SUMMER IN CHICAGO: TOP…


Top 15 Favorite Vacation Desserts Sweet Spots

One of the best parts about vacation is enjoying sampling local dessert treats in the destinations we visit! I took a poll among my WellTraveledKids.com contributors to put together this list of BEST EVER Vacation Dessert Spots. Don’t see your favorite on the list? I invite you to comment in the comment section below with…


Eating Well: Our List of Top 5 Best Restaurants in Maui

As a family who loves to travel well, eating well is a big part of the equation for a successful vacation. My husband and I love to explore delicious cuisine when we travel and we have instilled the excitement of trying great restaurants in our 4-year-old son, Harry. We love traveling to Hawaii as a…


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