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BEST EVER Salad Recipe: The Famous McCarthy Salad at the Beverly Hills Hotel - OMG This salad recipe is so good!! ********* Healthy salad recipe | Best Ever Salad Recipe | Beverly Hills Hotel McCarthy Salad recipe | Polo Lounge Beverly Hlils McCarthy Salad | Whole 30 | Paleo Salad

BEST EVER Salad Recipe: The Famous McCarthy Salad at the Beverly Hills Hotel

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying delicious unique twists on everyday dishes. Dishes that are similar to what we eat at home regularly but taste even BETTER. To be honest, it’s not often that I find myself salivating over memories of a delicious salad. Especially when reminiscing about a wonderful trip. However, that…


9 Reasons Silvercar LA is Perfect for Traveling Moms

Every traveling mom knows that flying alone with your children requires detailed planning, proper organization, and lots of luck. I love traveling solo with my five-year-old son Harry, but always have to cross my fingers and hope for the best once we land at our destination airport. The dreaded act of dragging all our luggage…


5 Superb Family Experiences in LA

  The Getty Center: If nothing else, go for the view which is spectacular.  Located in Brentwood, just a quick drive up the 405, from the Fairmont Miramar, The Getty Center is an impressive cultural institution sited regally high in the hills.   Known for a spectacular collection of European painting and furnishings, drawings, sculpture,…


8 Great Dining Spots for Hungry Families Visiting Los Angeles

LA is an eater’s city.  You can eat in fancy places.  You can eat from street trucks.  You can picnic in the parks or on the beach.   No matter where you are there are always interesting and noteworthy places to eat.  I should note that our kids are fairly adventurous eaters yet sometimes they…


Hilton Anaheim: The Most Deluxe Disneyland Good Neighbor Stay

We love to visit the parks at Disneyland Resort! Anaheim has tons of Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels all within walking distance to the park which make it easy to plan a quick trip to Disneyland that won’t require several months advance booking. Over the years we’ve tried a handful of the Deluxe rated Good Neighbor…


7 Reasons Disneyland is More Fun than Disney World for the Holidays

Mouseketeers everywhere know that Disney has a knack for making the Christmas season sparkle. Last year we we headed to Walt Disney World for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and to check out the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights (now in it’s last year). The traditional decorations, the festive parades, yummy Christmas treats, and…


Feel like a Star at the Loews Hollywood Hotel

How can anyone feel more like a star, than staying in the middle of it all, at the Loews Hollywood Hotel?  My wife and myself, along with our 9 year old, Samantha, and our 6 year old, Grant, made Hollywood the stopping point on our summer trip to southern California. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION The Modern, high-rise…


Prepping for a Visit to LEGOLAND, California

Growing up, I had two sisters. We were really into dolls. Of course, we had Legos, but they weren’t the big deal that they are now with so many amazing choices—at least not for us. Meanwhile, my husband growing up loved Legos. He built all the Star Wars Legos and whatever else he could get…

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