How to Become a Contributor:

I want to showcase all the unique ways different families travel well together.  No better way to do so than to have you contribute to the blog.  I want to hear about specific destinations, events or activities; must-sees & must-dos; lessons learned and experienced advice; and your kid’s perspective on ways you have travelled well together. … and, of course, we would love to highlight your photos to compliment your articles. Some of the topics I’m looking to include on the site are:

  • Organization tips (for healthy, safe, effortless, comfortable, educational, adventure and leisure travel to name a few)
  • Transportation tips (airline travel, road trips, etc.)
  • Active vacations (from state parks to amusement parks and all kinds of places in between – beach trips, ski trips, hiking, boating, camping and all things Disney)
  • Sightseeing highlights
  • Memorable staycations
  • Travel lessons (travel etiquette, learning language for/through travel)
  • Places on your family travel bucket list

Contributing to Well Traveled Kids is as simple as telling a memorable story about your experience and ways you’ve seen your kids have benefit from traveling well – and how you have been inspired through your travels with your kids.  You can write a blog post and include photos or submit a video!

What’s in it for you?

Right now this is a labor of love, but I hope to be able to show my gratitude to those who contribute often through:

  • Exposure: we will feature you and your kids in as little or as much detail as you prefer
  • Fun: share your travel adventures and photos – and have others benefit from your advice
  • Membership: you will be part of a private facebook group that connects contributors and provides travel resources

Please check out; follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram; and like us on facebook. … and you can start contributing right now by using #WellTraveledKids when you are posting or re-posting anything pertaining to travelling WELL with kids on social media.

Contributor guidelines:

WellTraveledKids focuses on the following categories :

Well Traveled

Traveling well means both parents and kids thrive as a family. Our readers want to know about a trip, product, luxury hotel/resort, restaurant, or activity that is fun, exciting, organized, happy, healthy, safe, memorable, comfortable, educational, luxurious, adventurous, leisurely, pleasurable, and worth time away from work, school and other activities.

Well Served

Well Traveled Kids provides a resource for inspirational ways to travel well with kids.  Well Served means kids are learning creative ways to observe and learn about the world around them. This includes All kids with many differerent needs.  Well Served also incorporates featuring and supporting select children’s charities that provide for  travel, play, and adventure to inspire creativity in ALL kids.

Well Done

A trip, a product, a luxury hotel/resort, restaurant, or activity that goes above and beyond expectations and is worth the time and money invested in the experience.

Well Balanced

A trip, a product, a luxury hotel/resort, restaurant, or activity that balances any of the following: play and learning, nutritious and delicious, fun for kids and fun for parents, activities and relaxation, stimulation and leisure, and provides an overall well-rounded experience is especially of interest to our audience.

I would love to have you contribute to this site.

You can write on specific topics, or submit a video. It’s as simple as telling a memorable story about your experience and how your kids benefit from traveling well; we would also like to hear how you have been inspired through your travels with your kids. And, of course, we would love to highlight your photos to compliment your articles!


Great photos and videos draw people to a blog, and everybody loves a video of a cute kid. However, we understand that privacy is important to many people, especially when it comes to kids. You can be as personal as you like, using photos and videos of your family enjoying your favorite travel destinations or travel items, or simply highlight the place or product without your family in them at all.

  • Submit your guest blog as a Word (or compatible) document with photos in separate JPG files.
  • Keep it simple and focused:   Tell the story as if you are making a recommendation to a friend based on your experiences – write in first person and be personal.
  • Include at least one useful piece of advice or suggestion for traveling well with kids in each post.
  • Blogs should be no more than 800 words, but a few paragraphs with a great photo or video can hold readers’ interest and keep them coming back for more. Sometimes an amazing photo with a compelling caption says it all.
  • Well Traveled Kids focuses on traveling well, so your content should only tell stories about experiences that you thought were exceptional, not average. The only negative experiences we’re interested in are the ones you turned into positives – and we want to know how you did that so others can learn from your experience. (For example if a place was too crowded or your kids didn’t like an activity, what did you do to during the course of the trip to ensure it ended well?)
  •  While writing, please consider the following keywords to describe your experience:  
  • Family, Kids, Children, Travel, Trip, Vacation, Destination, Well Traveled, Well Balanced, Well Served, Well Rested, Well Planned, Well Beyond, Well Read, Well Timed, Well Executed, Well Played, Well Remembered, Well Fed, Well Done, Well Packed, Well Trained, Well Rounded, etc .
  • Whenever possible, create a headline to grab the reader and make him or her want to click on your story. (Of course, if you’re having trouble with the headline, our editorial team will be happy to help once you submit your article.) Some examples are:
  • #1 Item to Pack for Airplane Travel with Kids
  • Best Kept Secrets: The Top 5 Kid-Friendly Luxury Resorts
  • Sentimental Summer: My Favorite Vacation Memory
  • My Kid’s Most Treasured Souvenir
  • 5 “Must See” Things When Visiting Chicago with Teenagers

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

  • Once we receive your blog entry,Well Traveled Kids reserves the rights to edit all submissions. Our editorial team will review and edit your submission and if selected we will send it back to you for final approval before we publish on the site. This is to ensure our vision and mission are consistent throughout the site.  Not all submissions will be used. 
  •  Well Traveled Kids reserves the right to alter the submission as we deem necessary and to distribute the submission over any channels we see fit.
  •  We will let you know what day we are going to post your story so that you can link or share the post  on your own Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, blog, and/or website.
  • Well Traveled Kids is a non-exclusive site, and we encourage our writers to collaborate with others to provide the most beneficial information to our audience and each other.  
  • If you have more questions, please ask. Contact us at [email protected].

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