Reading and Road Trips for Kids

Disclosure: I am a National Geographic Kids Insider. All opinions expressed within this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way. How often have you heard “Are we there yet?” in the car on the way to your next pit stop? Instead of plugging in let your child learn and READ…


Hiking with Little Ones

Before kids, my husband and I went on nature adventures while traveling. We saw no reason to stop once kids came along. We try to incorporate adventure trips when we can. Hiking with kids can be amazing! It is a great opportunity to get your kids outdoors and enjoying nature. We have gone on three…


Travel Essentials for Traveling with Kids

If you are like many people, your family isn’t 100% local and you need to hit the road for the holidays. While the desire to bring everything but the kitchen sink can be enticing to keep the comforts of home while staying away, this can add to the holiday stress. Here are a few of…


Healthy Kids Travel Meals on the Go

When traveling with a little one, it is very easy to forget that most of the meals that you would potentially grab on the go (especially in airports) tend to be less healthy than what you typically feed the family at home. My three-year-old daughter, Reagan, certainly loves a Happy Meal when we travel; however,…


Dr. Sarah’s All Natural Travel Remedies

It’s that time of year again when many people are looking forward to spring break travels to warmer climates. Doesn’t a warm, sandy beach sound fabulous right now?! Often times I get asked the question, “what natural remedies do you pack when you travel?”. Whether its jet lag, digestive distress, bug bites, sun burns, constipation,…

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