Essential Kids Travel Items

Disclosure: I was given several of these products for review. All opinions are my own. Traveling with kids can be a joy with the right preparation, activities, and gear. Unfortunately, many items marketed towards children break easily, are poorly constructed, and don’t stand the test of time. In order to truly serve their purpose, kids…


The Mighty Carry-On Suitcase

Want to know a traveling secret? Our family flies all the time, and we haven’t checked luggage in years. We fly domestically and internationally with nothing but carry-ons. Last summer, we spent 10 days in Norway and Switzerland, even attending a wedding (formalwear for everyone, plus a wedding present!) and managed to do it all…


Packers win! Travel packers, that is

We do a lot of packing around here. With family spread across the Midwest, it’s not unusual for us to take 5-7 weekend trips and one looong road trip a year. Not to mention our annual vacation and the occasional night spent in a hotel to appease our “hotel-loving” children. A lot of parents stress over…

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