Exploring Neighboring States- 2015 Family Travel Resolutions

Our family would like to start exploring more with nearby adventures in neighboring states.  We went to Robie House in Hyde Park this weekend and learned that there is another Frank Lloyd Wright House and tower to explore in Racine, Wisconsin. It is only an hour and twenty minutes from us! Small weekend road trips are easy to do and we don’t always have to travel far for an exciting new adventure. By finding one activity, you can find more to do by researching the area around it. In Racine alone we can go to the local zoo which is on the lake, an art museum, and climb the tallest lighthouse on Lake Michigan. Who knew there was so much to explore?  Think of all the cities just a few hours away. We need to get a move on in 2015!

Lisa Ahmad
Lisa Ahmad

Lisa is a stay at home mom in Chicago who is constantly on an adventure with her three children – Rafi, age 8, Zara, age 5 and Guy, age 2. She is a former teacher and loves taking “field trips” with her family these days. The only problem she has with traveling is that there is never enough time to see it all!

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