Fun with Family and Friends – 2015 Family Travel Resolutions

Keys_1160x500In 2015 we hope to take some new adventures with our family and our best friends. We love exploring places we have never been and also taking friends to the places we love, to experience it again for the first time through their eyes. Living in Florida we love beach vacations during the summer and hope to bring the kids to Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for them to experience what we have before at a great resort for all ages! Hopefully we can take the kids to experience snow next December as well. Our family looks forward to another great year of traveling well!

Michelle Donaghue
Michelle Donaghue

Michelle is the proud working mother of two children, a sweet 8 year old girl and an energetic 5 year old boy. Living in South Florida with her husband Todd, they are always looking for places to vacation well with their family. They love being on the water and beach activities, from boating to jet skiing to snorkeling. As the kids get older it is important to find the balance between working hard and showing their kids the experiences of traveling to new places. This summer they started a United States map project where they can track all of the places they have visited as a family.

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