Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago


Top 5 things #nottobemissed for a play date at Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago

  1. Discovering an AXOLOTL (Mexican walking fish)
  2. Lots of ponds and fountains to throw pennies in
  3. Secret passageways and trails
  4. Puddles to jump in after plants have been watered
  5. A great place to play with a friend, (hide and seek, up and down the slide, exploring the trails,) oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, there are beautiful plants and flowers everywhere!

Here is a link to the Garfield Park Conservatory if you want to plan your own play date!


Hero photo image credit:

Lisa Ahmad
Lisa Ahmad

Lisa is a stay at home mom in Chicago who is constantly on an adventure with her three children – Rafi, age 8, Zara, age 5 and Guy, age 2. She is a former teacher and loves taking “field trips” with her family these days. The only problem she has with traveling is that there is never enough time to see it all!

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