Throw Back Thursday

Remembering a magical family trip to Disney World in 1983. I was with my brother Lee and sister Lindsay who was 4 at the time, which I think is the magical age to go to Disney World. We were eating at the character breakfast in the Contemporary Hotel. I still love Disney World! I was four when I first went and I really thought I flew on Peter Pan’s ride and traveled in a submarine on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I remember sitting on my Dad’s shoulders during the Electric Light Parade and dancing to the record I bought there in my bedroom for hours. I remember how happy my Dad was to take his kids there and the gleam in his eyes.
This year, I felt that very same excitement when I took my kids and stood watching the Electric Light Parade with the same music and lighted vehicles. My Dad passed 11 years ago, but when I am in Disney World, I always feel he comes with me for the amazing adventure with my own children.

Lisa Ahmad
Lisa Ahmad

Lisa is a stay at home mom in Chicago who is constantly on an adventure with her three children – Rafi, age 8, Zara, age 5 and Guy, age 2. She is a former teacher and loves taking “field trips” with her family these days. The only problem she has with traveling is that there is never enough time to see it all!

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