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Well Traveled Kids is a Luxury Family Travel Blog that features Luxury Family Resorts Reviews & Family Travel Tips

Well Traveled Kids celebrates the art of traveling well with kids. Traveling with kids is a beautiful thing when you know how to do it so everyone enjoys the adventure. Follow our blog to see how our founder Sarah travels well with her son Harry through her stories, tips, and photos. Also, we will regularly host guest authors and interview experts who understand the art of traveling well with their kids.

We hope the information we share will inspire you and give you the confidence and know-how to take a meaningful voyage with your Well Traveled Kids.

We have a passion for philanthropy, so 50% of our profits support select children’s charities in order to make fun, play, leisure and travel possible for all kids.

We hope you will visit often and even submit to become an author to share your own stories about how you travel well with your kids or just come and be inspired to plan your next adventure with your Well Traveled Kids!

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About Sarah and Harry:

I’m that girl who has always loved to travel! I was lucky to have great parents who loved to spend their time with my sisters and me; they regularly showed us the true value of fun family vacations, exciting road trips, great camping trips and wonderful old-fashioned staycations. Looking back now, most of my favorite childhood memories revolve around traveling WELL as a family. My parents taught my sisters and me to look for adventure around every corner and to explore the world looking for fun.

Now I’m all grown up with a family of my own, and we LOVE to travel WELL together! My husband Scott and I both have a natural Wanderlust. With parents who showed us the world as Well Traveled Kids, we grew up to become a WELL traveled couple. When our Son Harry came along, we decided we weren’t going to change our lifestyle, but instead teach Harry to travel WELL so that he would fit right into the rhythm of our regular travel plans and share our joy in the adventure.

Lucky for us, Harry is a born traveler just like his Mommy and Daddy. At 4 years old, Harry is already an expert on the art of traveling WELL. He loves airports, planes, resorts, hotels, amusement parks, white sand beaches, beautiful nature hikes, fun swimming pools and a good old-fashioned staycation in our Sweet Home Chicago!

I started Well Traveled Kids because I am constantly being asked by other busy parents, friends and clients who are traveling with kids for tips on the destinations, fabulous resorts, restaurants and amusement parks we have enjoyed. So, I get super resourceful and put together lists with tips and stories; I email them to countless friends, and friends of friends, who are traveling somewhere and want to know from me, “the expert,” how to travel well with their kids. After each trip I get rave reviews from those friends, thanking me for the meaningful advice I shared that allowed them to travel well with their kids.

So, in an effort to share not only my own tips and experiences of traveling WELL, but also to be inspired by so many other families who have travelling WELL with their kids down to an art, I have started Well Traveled Kids. The site combines my three favorite things – my family, fun travel adventures, and supporting great philanthropic organizations who bring opportunities for play, fun, adventure and travel to all kids.

I hope everyone who visits regularly finds delightful stories, great reviews, tips, videos and interviews that ensure your travel with your kids is a source of happiness and the start of great memories. I know lots of people think Scott and I are crazy to travel as often as we do with our little boy, but we sure know how to do it so that everyone has a great trip, enjoys meaningful family time and makes wonderful memories. That is exactly my wish for my readers.

Travel WELL Together,




What my resume says:

Sarah Stopek Hirsch is an award-winning female entrepreneur and influential businesswoman. In 2004, she founded Sublime Promotions, a cutting-edge, multi-million dollar promotional merchandise company. Sublime Promotions’ rapid success is a result of Sarah’s commitment to using a creative, collaborative approach to understand each client’s identity and goals, and developing exclusive logo merchandise to enhance each brand.

In 2009, Sarah sold Sublime Promotions to InnerWorkings, Inc., a publicly-held corporation and North America’s largest distributor of print materials. Today, she is the Vice President of Business Development for InnerWorkings, Inc. She also serves as an inspirational mentor to rising entrepreneurs, sharing her business experience and expertise to help others realize their dreams for success.

Sarah has been recognized by several prominent business organizations for her entrepreneurial achievements. Multiple publications including Crain’s Chicago Business, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times have published articles about Sarah, highlighting her accomplishments as a young entrepreneur. Sarah and her husband Scott are committed to supporting a number of charitable organizations, especially those that benefit underprivileged children.


harry_thumbnailAbout Harry: 

At 5 years old Harry is a fun loving WELL traveled kid who is already a passionate expert on the joy of traveling WELL! Harry loves playing with all things related to travel. He’s obsessed with planes, trains, automobiles, suitcases, maps, globes, postcards, luggage tags, room keys, travel games, headphones, smart phones and vacation photos. Harry has a personality as big as his smile, and he loves to share stories of his vacation adventures with friends through pictures and videos!

When Harry is not exploring the world through travel, he enjoys time on the playground with friends or a staycation weekend with Mommy and Daddy finding fun and adventure outside our front door in Chicagoland.



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