Get Your Kicks on The 606

Over the last couple of weeks, my family has spent much of our time on The 606 – Chicago’s newest attraction that brings together four neighborhoods across an elevated 2.7 mile trail that was once an abandoned railroad. As a Chicago resident living in one of the neighborhoods the trail passes through, we’ve been anticipating…


Day Trip to New York City with a Toddler

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a day trip to New York City with our two-year-old daughter. We had a wonderful time and would recommend our day trip to anyone living on the East Coast who is considering a similar adventure. Here’s a list of my tips that made our day in NYC…


We Love to Play

Looking for inspiration for your next family adventure?  Perhaps its time to try one of these cities with amazing playgrounds.  Check out this link to see the list of the World’s Coolest Playgrounds as listed by Travel + Leisure Magazine 


Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago

Top 5 things #nottobemissed for a play date at Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago Discovering an AXOLOTL (Mexican walking fish) Lots of ponds and fountains to throw pennies in Secret passageways and trails Puddles to jump in after plants have been watered A great place to play with a friend, (hide and seek, up and down…

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