Madrid Tours

We’ve made Madrid our home for the past three years, but sometimes even a local needs some help.  There are definitely times a good tour comes in handy, even if you live in a city.  Here are three of our family favorites from the last three years. Sometimes when city life gets to be a…


Beautiful Basque Tour Exploring Spain

The north coast of Spain has been on our list of places to visit since we moved here nearly three years ago, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom because it seemed like such an easy trip—“mañana,” we said.  Finally, as we had just a few weeks left in our European adventure, we realized…


Family Hiking in Madrid and Beyond

Our well traveled kids are often trotting around the globe, staying at nice hotels, checking out amazing works of art and architecture, and visiting new places. However, sometimes we can’t get away, but my well traveled kids certainly don’t have to sit at home and play video games! We recently joined up with Hiking in…


Tenerife + Plans Foiled = Fun!!

We are planners, and attempting to see most of Europe in three years or less takes some detailed planning. You have to know what days (and hours) museums, castles, and other attractions are open, and exactly where things are so you can maximize enjoyment while minimizing transit time. Tenerife was even more complex, since we…


Off the Beaten Path—Cuenca, Spain

One of the wonderful treats of traveling in Europe is exploring some of the small, beautiful towns that have hundreds (or in some cases thousands!) of years of history. On a recent weekend, we traveled to just such a place–the city of Cuenca, Spain. Having YiaYia (grandma) in town was the perfect excuse for an…

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