Tips for a Well Packed Purse for a Family Disney Trip

As a mom, I find it impossible to do a family day at the Disney parks without carrying a well stocked purse. I’ve tried stuffing my pockets to go without a purse for the day and I just can’t swing it!


On every Disney trip we pack a backpack full of essentials for a long day enjoying the parks as a family.  I make sure not to put anything too valuable in the backpack so that we can leave it on the parked stroller while we explore and ride the rides on the family.

In addition to the backpack, I always wear a small crossed body purse that I can pack our valuables into.  This purse goes with me everywhere during the day while the backpack stays with the stroller unless its needed. I like to feel I have everything I might need in the backpack and the purse is reserved for small and valuable items that I will need when we are in line or riding the rides and the backpack is not accessible.

I regularly have friends asking me what to take with them into the Disney parks for their first family Disney vacation and so I’m sharing my list of purse essentials for traveling well to the Disney Parks. Sure, I may cram more than this into my little park purse, but this is my list of items I’m always sure to bring along!

What to Pack in Your Purse for Disney

1. Small Cross-Body Purse with Pockets: I like cross body purses because they keep your hands free and are easy to keep attached to you on the rides. Some people also like fanny packs but that’s really not my style. I love my Prada cross body purse because it’s made of nylon and cleans up easily if kids spill on it or if it gets wet.  I use it for my travel purse and can cram an amazing amount of stuff into it.

2. Cash, Credit Cards, ID and Room Keys: It’s important to keep these close and not in the backpack. Always bring some cash even if you intend to charge everything because there are a few vendors that will only take cash for special purchases like the iconic Mickey Mouse balloons! I also always pack quarters and pennies so that my little boy Harry can make pressed quarters for fun Disney souvenirs.

3. Smart Phone: There are so many great Disney apps you will want to make sure and keep your smart phone handy while exploring the parks to check wait times etc.

4. Pocket Camera: I take tons of photos everywhere we travel. I do love my SLR but I opt for a small compact pocket camera at Disney parks instead, it’s easy and portable and still takes better photos than my iPhone.

5. Mobile Phone Battery Charger: Long days in the parks will drain your mobile phone battery especially if you are taking lots of photos and videos.  Be sure to remember a charger or two so you can charge while your phone is in your purse.

6. Sunscreen stick: I keep a big tube of sunscreen in my backpack but like a small face stick in my purse so we can easily reapply if we feel our faces getting hot while standing in line for the rides.

7. Lip Balm with spf: Gotta make sure our lips don’t get a sunburn!

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What to Bring to Disney
Sarah Hirsch
Sarah Hirsch

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  1. oc
    May 20, 2015 / 11:00 pm

    some families have 3-4 kids! You neglect to mentioned anything about wipes, sanitizer, hat, extra cloths, comfortable shoes, extra tote bag, mobile power charge for the phone, water, lotion!
    Yes the prada might be important if you attend a gala not Disney park.

    • May 21, 2015 / 10:47 am

      Thanks for reading my post! All of those things you have added are listed in the Backpack post that is linked to this one. The purse is just for valuables and the backpack is for everything else. I love my Prada cross body, but of course any small cross body purse will do. I appreciate your feedback!