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5 Tips for Traveling Sans Kids

I know, I know. This blog is all about traveling with children. And doing that is our favorite. My husband and I love taking our 5-year-old Reagan everywhere. I mean everywhere. She has met with world leaders, attended political fundraisers, and dined in hundreds of adult restaurants—all before kindergarten. Nothing is off limits…except maybe really…


Family Vacation 101: Tips for Traveling Well with Kids

Ask any parent who’s planning a family vacation what they want most when traveling with their kids. Deep down, I think we all want to plan an incredible family vacation full of memories that will last a lifetime. Traveling well with kids is easy to do with a little practice! Here’s some of my best tips…


Top Tips and Tricks for Visiting Disney World During Peak Times from Undercover Tourist CEO, Ian Ford

When it comes to visiting Disney World, I’m considered an expert by most of my friends. However, since my little guy isn’t in school yet, we prefer to schedule our Disney Vacations during the less crowded times of year when most kids are in school. So, when it comes to giving advice about traveling during peak…


Travel Essentials for Traveling with Kids

If you are like many people, your family isn’t 100% local and you need to hit the road for the holidays. While the desire to bring everything but the kitchen sink can be enticing to keep the comforts of home while staying away, this can add to the holiday stress. Here are a few of…


Cruise Booking Tip- How to Pick your Cabin

I get so tired of hearing , “You really don’t spend a lot of time in your cabin, so it really doesn’t matter what kind of cabin I get.”  This is such a misconception.  The fact is this is your home for however long you’ll be cruising, and yes, you do spend a good amount…


Tips for a First Visit to Ireland with Kids

“Welcoming, overwhelming, magical, stunning land” – just a few of the ways Jody Halsted of Ireland Family Vacations describes Ireland. In planning my family’s 2016 Ireland vacation, I started following many online blogs and posts about the country. Above all, Jody’s site really stood out. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her…

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