Polar Express Train Ride at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami


A train ride to the North Pole in South Florida?  If you are looking for a unique holiday experience, The Polar Express Train Ride at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is perfect.  The kids were in awe of the large historical trains in the museum area while they anxiously waited to board the Polar Express for our ride.  Here is what you can expect if you are thinking of going:


  • Amazing people – Once aboard the train the vivacious chefs greeted us with holiday cheer. Their energy was contagious!  They kept the kids engaged and sang and danced the whole time.
  • Hot Chocolate – Who doesn’t love it?  You got served hot chocolate and a sweet treat.  Just in time for the conductor to come around and punch the tickets.  He got the kids laughing for sure! And they were singing the hot chocolate song the next day (always a sign they had fun!).
  • The Story – Any Polar Express ride would not be the same without the classic Chris Van Allsburg story. The chefs held up the giant books as the story was read over the speakers.
  • North Pole! – We arrived at the North Pole, and then waited for Santa to make his way to our train car.  Santa came to each table and the kids got their picture taken with Santa.  And of course he handed out bells……Ring the bell if you believe! (Just maybe put them away before you drive home!)


Overall a great experience for the whole family.  If you are travelling from Broward or Palm Beach or even South Beach in Miami, I recommend being in the area well ahead of the start time.  Traffic can be a nightmare so make a day out of it – Check out Metro Zoo, or get the famous cinnamon buns at Knaus Berry Farm – an institution since 1956, or even stop by the American Girl store at the Falls.  Either way, get your tickets soon. They have rides through December 27 and make sure the kids wear their pajamas!


We were guests of GCRM for the purposes of this review but I always give my honest opinion regardless of who is picking up the check!

Photo Credits: www.miamiherald.com, plus.google.com

Michelle Donaghue
Michelle Donaghue

Michelle is the proud working mother of two children, a sweet 8 year old girl and an energetic 5 year old boy. Living in South Florida with her husband Todd, they are always looking for places to vacation well with their family. They love being on the water and beach activities, from boating to jet skiing to snorkeling. As the kids get older it is important to find the balance between working hard and showing their kids the experiences of traveling to new places. This summer they started a United States map project where they can track all of the places they have visited as a family.

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  1. December 10, 2015 / 1:24 pm

    I love the Polar Express experience. We did the one Williams AZ, but who wouldn’t want to check out Miami? That Christmas mug in the photo looks darling, did that come with your ticket?