Top #nottobemissed attractions at the Downtown Aquarium Denver with Kids


What do you do with a 4-year-old on a Friday night in Denver?  Head to the Downtown Aquarium, they are open till 9:30!  Harry and I arrived at the Aquarium at around 7:45pm and had plenty of time to enjoy the attractions and no lines!  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting Denver with kids of any age.  Its a self guided maze of fun.

Here’s my list of Top #nottobemissed attractions

  • Snakes- The desert exhibit has enclosed cases with snakes for kids to see slithering up the glass.  His favorite was the Emerald Tree Boa who he named Ka like the Boa in Jungle Book.
  • Sea Turtles- We saw giant sea turtles swimming over our heads in the coral reef.  Harry’s favorite!
  • Sharks- We spent lots of time in the Warf exhibit watching the Sharks while Harry said, “Fish are Friends, Not Food!”
  • Jelly Fish – Lots of beautiful Jelly Fish dancing in the Shipwreck exhibit.
  • Tigers – That’s right I said Tigers!!  2 Beautiful Sumatran Tigers – something I certainly didn’t expect to see in the aquarium
  • Manta Rays- Kids get to pet the Manta Rays!  Check out Harry’s Video



Sarah Hirsch
Sarah Hirsch

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